We custom create your ideal experience!

Custom create your ideal experience!

Bringing your group to CPI maximizes the linguistic and cultural experience with participants discovering the best of Costa Rica through studying Spanish at one or all three of our campuses, enjoying cultural activities, local exploration, and weekend excursions. Our CPI/STV Groups Department crafts itineraries based on the location (s) of choice, inclusive of desired cultural, adventure & volunteer activities with the most reputable, safety-oriented companies.

Our extensive in-country experience, 20+ years and counting, allows us to provide extraordinary care while planning in-country details of your ideal travel experience. Starting with the planning of your customized trip, to the special attention extended onsite to ensure a smooth-running trip until we bid you farewell just prior to your departure flight -- groups of all ages and skill levels benefit from the support of our bilingual team.

Planning a group trip with CPI Groups provides peace of mind knowing that you are bringing your students to one of the most well-respected language schools and groups company in Central America! If you have 8 or more participants, please contact Jonle Sedar at [email protected] to begin planning your Spanish immersion adventure!