Stay with a Host Family | Homestay

We strongly recommend students stay with a host family as a complement to language studies. By living with a Costa Rican family, students apply language skills learned in the classroom while gaining first-hand insight into the culture and daily rhythms of life in Costa Rica.

Host families are patient and extend themselves to help our students improve Spanish. Family units are diverse - young couples without children, couples with children (of all age groups), but most are older couples with grown children who are no longer at home but still live nearby.

We place only one student in each family; couples & families may request the same homestay, if they wish. The homestay family provides students with a bedroom, breakfast & dinner daily, and laundry service. The food served is the same as eaten by the family – typical Costa Rican fare. If a student has an allergy, CPI staff and the family work together to meet these needs.

Weekly rate: $245

Rate is per each person / Maximum capacity will need to be consulted

Stay with a Host Family | Homestay

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